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“Building a business where our customer’s comfort comes first, being there for them and providing high quality customer experiences has been our goal since we started this company more than 30 years ago and that mission has been passed on to our talented team of engineers, installers and technicians. Over the years we’ve seen this industry change, the trends come and go but providing
top quality American heating and cooling service with industry’s best quality equipment has been paramount to our success. From design and installation of traditional high efficiency and geothermal heating and cooling systems to HVAC maintenance and emergency service – You can be rest assured that American Heating and Cooling services is the answer for your  home and business’ comfort.”

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PROJECT: Rhinebeck, NY Residential Geothermal

This 18th century brick victorian had been first fitted to heat with coal then to oil, when American Heating & Cooling was tapped to perform this installation – the homeowners were equally concerned with saving money as they were with saving the environment. The homeowners had a strict budget, one that without the Federal ( ITC) and State (NYSERDA) tax incentives, the reality of Geothermal might not have been a possibility for this family in Rhinebeck, NY. American Heating and Cooling helped direct the owners toward an approximate 40% savings off the entire system.
This large 5,000 square foot contemporary is a north facing, two story contemporary – The family converted it to a high efficiency heat pump, a Carrier Green high efficiency delivered reliable and much lower heating bills, a happy family indeed

PROJECT: Poughkeepsie, NY Commercial conventional & Geothermal HVAC

Vassar College buildings, grounds and management called American Heating & Cooling to design, install and maintain 30,000 square feet of both high efficiency and geothermal heating & cooling systems located in a variety of buildings from their library to class rooms, dining and residential halls.

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American Heating & Cooling, specializes in commercial and residential heating, cooling and ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), utilizing high-efficiency air source and ground source heat pumps. We serve The Hudson Valley of New York (N.Y.) including Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Ulster, Westchester, and surrounding counties. Kingston from Poughkeepsie, NY , to Rhinebeck,NY, Newburgh, NY and beyond.  We have been proudly serving our customers and the community since 1983.

Our team of expert heating and cooling professionals are required to constantly improve their skills and knowledge, applying cutting edge technologies and green solutions like thermal solar and geothermal systems from Water Furnace, Climate Master and many others including newcomer Dandelion Geothermal. We provide the highest quality installation, maintenance, and heating and cooling services; we use only the highest quality parts and equipment. We don’t rest until you are 100% satisfied. For more than 35 years American Heating & Cooling has worked with the region’s premier architects and general contractors, as well as project managers and homeowners – and we do it every day.

With American Heating and Cooling as your installation company, you will feel confident that your project will be installed on time, within budget and with superior quality, installation, and service. Give us a call at (845) 473-1966 

Mechanical Licenses: the City of Poughkeepsie, Town of Poughkeepsie, Putnam County and Westchester

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Heating and Cooling with GEOTHERMAL

More at  Learn more about geothermal. Use the renewable solar energy stored in your yard to save on heating, cooling and hot water costs. WaterFurnace Geothermal heat pumps are great for the environment and for your budget.


Let’s Talk About Geothermal

With federal and state tax credits available for geothermal home heating and  cooling systems installations are more affordable for homeowners ask us about NYSERDA and the Federal Investment Tax Credit. Learn more about NYSERDA REBATES HERE

What is Geothermal Heating and Cooling?
A geothermal system is a comfort system that uses the earth’s stored energy, rather than fossil fuels like propane, natural gas, oil, or coal, to heat or cool your home or business.
Why should I consider installing/migrating to a geothermal heating & cooling system when a high-efficiency standard system works just fine?
By choosing geothermal, you will save two valuable resources: your environment and your dollars. Geothermal is recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as the most environmentally safe, cost-effective heating and cooling system on the market. The installation of one geothermal system is the environmental equivalent to removing two cars from the street. Investing in a geothermal system will increase your positive cash flow. Because it is environmentally friendly, the U.S. Government is currently providing up to a 30% savings in tax credits and rebates. Plus, geothermal systems have been proven to significantly reduce utility bills and annual system maintenance costs.d
Tax Credits & Incentives do they save me money on my new geothermal home heating and cooling system?
FEDERAL TAX INCENTIVES:  In February 2018, the 30% tax credit was reinstated through 2019 and can be retroactively applied to installations placed in service on January 1, 2017 or later. Geothermal equipment that uses the stored solar energy from the ground for heating and cooling and that meets ENERGY STAR requirements at the time of installation is eligible for the tax credit. The credit has no limit and there’s no limitation on the number of times the credit can be claimed. LOCAL (STATE) TAX INCENTIVES: In New York State, NYSERDA This initiative will provide funding only to eligible GSHP (Ground Source Heat Pump) designers and installers approved by NYSERDA*. If you would like to install GSHP in your home or property, NYSERDA encourages you to learn more about ground source heat pumps. However, funding is not available directly to building owners or site owners. * American Heating and Cooling is an approved NYSERDA Installer.
How does a geothermal system work to heat and cool my home or office?
While temperatures fluctuate quite a bit on the surface of the Earth with the change of seasons, approximately four to six feet below the Earth’s surface, temperatures remain consistent year-long because the Earth absorbs 47% of all of the heat and energy from the sun and stores it. A geothermal system is a series of interconnected loops that run from your home down through this temperate underground region. During the heating process, fluid such as water or antifreeze in the loops absorb heat from the earth and transfer it to a unit located in the home such as a conventional duct system or radiant heat system. For cooling, the same unit takes in hot air, and transfers it to the loop fluid, which journeys through the ground, is cooled, and returned to your home. For a detailed diagram of this process see, including the variety of open and closed loop systems available, see how a Geothermal System Works.
How much will geothermal system cost to install?
Costs vary depending on the type of system you choose. And while it is an additional cost up front to install a geothermal system as compared to a high-efficiency gas or air-to-air heat pump system, a geothermal system will pay for itself in no time. The geothermal system essentially makes “free” hot water which can reduce your power consumption for hot water up to 60%. Plus, you will save on maintenance costs because a geothermal system has a life-span of 20+ years versus that of only a maximum of 12 for a standard heating and cooling system. To cover the initial installation costs, the U.S. Government is offering up to 30% in tax credits and rebates if you choose geothermal. Additionally, a geothermal system can be tied into your mortgage or other form of low interest financing option. You’ll instantly see market savings in your utility bills that will easily cover the increase in your loan payment and continue to provide savings for years to come. View actual monetary comparisons of the average annual heating, cooling, and hot water costs between a geothermal system and a traditional system in New York.
Is a geothermal system really that more energy-efficient than a traditional high efficiency system?
Yes! Most geothermal systems are a minimum of three times more efficient than fossil fuel systems, regardless if the traditional system is labeled “energy-saving” or “energy-efficient.” This is because geothermal systems simply move heat instead of actually making it, allowing it to produce five units of heat to one unit of electricity.

Customer Testimonials

The heating in our building wasn’t working, so we called them after being jerked around by another well known company. Very friendly and professional service. Very reasonable prices as well. Charged us half of what the other company tried to charge us for the same thing.
Christine Hopp

“WOW! Very good service, I have a maintenance plan that I purchased a few years ago with my new Heating System, American Heating has been so punctual and thorough! They actually call me to schedule, They already have my money but still they are on the phone proactively scheduling my annual service. Its pretty amazing! old fashioned reliable service. Thank you Anthony and your tech guys very great! Keep up the great work”
Marie Hayes

“I was having an issue with my AC unit, dead of summer! Called American Heating and Cooling and they were extremely accommodating, helpful and quick to fix my issues! So grateful for everyone at this company! Keep up the great work!”
Jennifer Jablonski

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